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What I Learned as Multisite Campus Pastor

By Bryan Rose

10 Learnings of a Multi-Site Mega-Church Campus Pastor.. In Twitter form.

1.    Everyone going finds a place to serve, or stays. Mission is contagious – so is consumption.

2.    Develop an identity within the core team. Walk the divisiveness line carefully, but call pioneers to bigger and better things.

3.    Check your ego at the door. You don’t preach, be okay with that or find a small church to pastor.

4.    It’s the Environment stupid. Environmental transformation is a conduit for life transformation – just like in High School, looks matter.

5.    Bring your staff. Doesn’t matter if you pay them, identify leaders in key ministry areas and empower them to own the vision and lead the team.

6.    You get what you pay for. Consultants and outfitters are worth keeping you focused on casting vision and building the core team.

7.    Stay in the loop. Information is influence and your greatest source of power: keep your friends close; keep your senior pastor closer.

8.    Parking, parking, parking. Venue evaluation begins and ends at the parking lot – access and availability drive the plan and the budget.

9.    Settle the chain of command. Figure out vision and implementation: peer relationships inter-campus, direct reporting intra-campus.

10.    Do your homework. Struggle with a business plan, evaluate demographics, and count the cost, God is big enough to speak in spreadsheets.


Bryan Rose


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