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Ways to Measure Discipleship

By New Churches Team

In this training video, Daniel Im discusses how churches measure discipleship and the attributes that are consistently seen in mature disciples.

What Are Your Metrics?

What does success look like as it relates to discipleship? A lot of people attempt to measure discipleship in the same four ways that people approach dieting.

  1. Are you simply trying with no goals, plan or vision? In dieting, this is pretty unpredictable. You may eat a salad for lunch but splurge at dinner with a plan to skip breakfast the next morning. How does that relate to discipleship? Think of it this way: last night you read your Bible, but you don’t feel like going to the worship service this morning. You’ll make sure to have a quiet time sometime later in the day to make up for it.
  2. Do you have a clear output goal? When it comes to that diet, you know you want to lose 10 pounds before you go to the beach at the end of the month, but you don’t really have a plan in place to get you there. In regards to the Church, this is the most common way discipleship is measured. Churches consider themselves to have mature disciples if they can measure how many more people are giving, serving, and being baptized year over year. But, these output goals don’t actually move people toward Christlikeness.
  3. Have you made the microshift from an output goal to an input goal? What are the things you can do today that will produce the results you want tomorrow? Are you monitoring your calorie intake or exercising regularly? You are probably getting healthier, but you may not actually lose weight. As a Christian, are you reading your Bible and attending worship services regularly, but don’t have any goals for what that behavior will produce?

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