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Using Connection to Assimilate New Members

By New Churches Team

Many churches are experiencing a growth in numbers through their online services that are being offered during this COVID-19 time. As you begin to look forward to meeting together in person again, but often in limited circumstances, how can you best assimilate these new members into your church?

Gathering to Connect

If the experience is going to be different than you would have done it prior to COVID-19, then make it different in a good way. Gather together in groups in ways that will gel the people together. If you can only meet in much smaller numbers, consider that people are stickier than preaching. 

Maybe having a worship service isn’t the first priority. Think of this as a unique opportunity to build leaders, build your capacity for development, and build your capacity of mini-biblical communities. When you can meet in these smaller groups, consider if it is best to treat these times as small group times. How can you use these small groups to draw people closer together and closer to God? 

Instead of a worship service where people come in late and leave immediately, use this time to be intentional about connecting people. Move your goal from gathering people together to worship to gathering people to connect and meet the needs of your city. Assimilation is ultimately about connection to community. Connect new people, couples, and families to others in your church with common experiences. Through this connection, you will expand the culture of your church to the new members.

Shift Your Thinking

Leverage the fact that every space feels different than it used to. Consider every space – public space, social space, personal space, intimate space. Which space is for which purpose for the church, and how can you best leverage each of those spaces during this time? As a church staff, how can you best use your time to help the church meet the needs of the people and the needs of your community? Determine how people are best assimilated into your church, then use your time wisely to grow those areas and develop leaders in those areas.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 498: Assimilating Through Connection During Limitations. Click here to listen to more church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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