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May 12, 2021

Using an Ice Cream Truck for Outreach

By New Churches Team

A Life-Long Church Planter

Aaron Johnson first served in ministry in Arkansas for about eight years. Then he and his family felt called to leave the traditional church setting and the south, so they planted a church in Pittsburgh. Aaron pastored there for 13 years before feeling called to return closer to family in Arkansas. At the time, he planned to leave the ministry and take a desk job somewhere, but a friend encouraged him to plant a church again. The friend told Aaron that he had an ability to rally people around him. Aaron was a platoon leader, and platoon leaders don’t take desk jobs.

The Early Days

In fall 2019, Aaron and his family moved to Bentonville, Arkansas, with a plan to plant Story Church. They already knew some people in the area and soon had about 30 people in a launch team. They began hosting pop-up church services with the intention of officially launching in fall 2020. Then COVID hit. Immediately their plans paused. But there was one idea the church had, and it worked during times of shutdown.

The Ice Cream Truck

Aaron learned an idea from another church planter about purchasing an ice cream truck as community outreach. And that church planter was happy to share the plans that he used several years before. With the church plant on hold, Aaron got to work.

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