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April 28, 2021

Two Types of Meetings Your Staff Needs

By New Churches Team

Stand-Up Meetings

This meeting typically occurs on Monday, or early in the week, and doesn’t last very long.

  1. Celebrate. Ask your team, “Where did you see God at work this week?” Allow your team to celebrate. As a leader, make mental notes of things that need to be celebrated as a church.
  2. Evaluate. Often things can slip by or you haven’t prepared for something. Ask your team, “Did you miss anything that needs to be taken care of this week?” This question and response provides mutual accountability.
  3. Forecast. Ask your team, “What are you working on this week?” As you get in the rhythm of this meeting, your team will already be prepared to discuss what they are working on for the week. Let them know you expect them to share.
  4. Encourage. Read Scripture or share a quote from a leadership book you are reading.
  5. Pray. Use this time to pray as a team. Pray over the work, the celebrations, and the things that are happening. This prayer is focused on the ministry work.

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