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June 9, 2021

Two Churches, One Space

By New Churches Team

Pivoting During COVID

Bobby Benavides’ church launched in 2018. They were renting space from their local community center when COVID hit. They had been gaining momentum, but suddenly their rental space wasn’t available to them. Located in a small rural community, Bobby had been able to form relationships with other pastors in the area. One in particular noticed the issued Bobby’s church was having. He reached out and offered financial support and the use of the church’s second sanctuary. While Bobby had some initial concerns about partnering with another church being a barrier for his church members that may have previously attended the host church, ultimately the new church partnership has been very helpful.

Seeking Out Financially Smart Locations

Eliot Velazquez’s church launched in 2011. They first met in a storefront, but quickly outgrew that space and moved to a school. While also needing an office space, they realized that the school rental was not financially feasible for them and began looking for other options. Because their church had grown so fast, they were known to other churches in the community. An older church had already begun partnering with them through prayer and by allowing them to hold events at their location when the school was unavailable. When Eliot’s church needed to find a new location, the host church was willing to let them rent space so they could save money to build their own building. Eliot was in a unique position later, after the church had moved into their own building, to then rent space to another church plant in need. They meet at different times for services, but come together for community events.

Working Together

Overall Bobby and Eliot express that sharing space with another church was beneficial for them. But there are some things to consider.

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