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January 22, 2019

Top Posts in 2018

By New Churches Team

With approximately 185 articles posted on New Churches in 2018, each week we shared content on church multiplication with you. We hope you found it helpful and interesting. In case you missed any articles, here is a list of our top 10 posts of the year. We would love for you to go back and reread (or read for the first time) to see how they can impact your work in church multiplication throughout 2019 as well.

  1. 6 Dirty Secrets About Multisite Churches That (Almost) No-one is Talking About

Is your church considering going multisite?  Studies have shown that basically every growing church is either already multisite or actively looking into it. This post shares some dirty secrets within this movement that you should be fully aware of if you are considering launching a new campus.

    2. Episode 332: How to Handle MLMs in Your Church

In Episode 332 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss how to handle and deal with Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs) in the local church. They also share what policies and processes should be in place regarding MLMs in your church.

  1. Five Characteristics of Structure for Church Multiplication

One of the greatest ways to prohibit movement is to under-structure and over-institutionalize yourself to the point your church cannot bear any more weight.This post shares five characteristics of structures that serve as catalysts rather than bottlenecks for God’s movement.

  1. Three Differences Between a Campus Pastor and an Associate Pastor

One of the most common questions a campus pastor gets asked is, “What’s the difference between the role of the campus pastor and the associate pastor?” This post explains three things that make being the #1 guy different from being the #2 guy. 

  1. Best Practices in Church Planting Systems

This post discusses the purpose of the research project, Best Practices in Church Planting Systems with Particular Attention to Church Planting Churches. This research follows an emerging trend in church planting that is rightly reemphasizing how churches plant churches and the need to reorient some of your systems and processes around this fundamental idea.

  1. The Three Things Every Campus Pastor Needs to Do

The three leadership principles discussed in this post are a game plan for being an effective campus pastor. They are simple principles that any and all pastors can implement. They will help you as you lead in your local church context.

  1. Ways to Measure Discipleship

This training video discusses how churches measure discipleship and the attributes that are consistently seen in mature disciples. A common approach used to measure discipleship is similar to how people approach dieting. This article examines four approaches people take.

  1. 5 Things Leaders Need to Give Up

There’s a great saying that good leaders don’t see people as impediments—they seek to make people partners. But to implement this approach to leadership in daily life, we need to realize that partnering with people means sacrificing for them. Here are five things leaders need to be ready to give up for the people they’re leading.

  1. Five Steps of Leadership Pipeline Development for Multiplication Catalysts

Churches and pastors would be wise to intentionally develop a leadership pipeline that recruits, trains, equips, mentors, coaches, and releases leaders, empowering them to fulfill their calling. Here are five steps for developing a leadership pipeline for leaders who will serve as multiplication catalysts, whether they are multiplying disciples, ministries, campuses, or churches.

  1. How to Transform a Community

We often make a mistake—we think the most powerful way to shape our neighbors and our cities is through arguing with them. No, we might not always word it that way, but we instinctively act that way. We think that if we can clearly articulate our positions and our opinions, and then forcefully argue our “opponents” into admitting we’re right, then we can shape a society. Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works.


New Churches Team

NewChurches.com wants to help you build a strong foundation by connecting you with top experts in the field of church planting and multisite ministry, and by regularly providing you with the resources, information, and community you need to thrive as you multiply the mission of Matthew 28.


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