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Tips on How to Write a Book

By New Churches Team

We receive a lot of questions about how to write a book, so we asked Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im if they could provide some tips for us.

How to Get Started

Writing an entire book can seem daunting, so Daniel and Ed break down the process into smaller, bite-sized chunks. Ed suggests by starting to write a few blog or magazine articles. During the process, ask yourself, “Can I continue writing like this 50 more times and then thread it all together with themes and connections?”

Ed also tends to draw his inspiration from previous talks he has done or articles he has written. For example, a talk may turn into a section of a book he is working on. In his own writing practice, Ed believes that every page should have an idea that he is trying to communicate.

Daniel mentions that the process of putting together a book proposal for a publisher is really helpful in organizing his thoughts. A book proposal usually consists of outlining the chapters that will be in the book, deciding who is your target audience, and showing the research or books that have already been written about your topic.

The Discipline of Writing

It is no secret that writing a book takes discipline. There will be successful writing days and then there will be days when writing 100 words is painful – writer’s block is a real thing!

Ed tends to set aside a day to write and frame out a section of his book. For example, in his latest book, Christians in the Age of Outrage, Ed broke up the book into three grand sections.  He then tends to find an hour here or there when he is able to write to fill in the sections.

On the other hand, Daniel spends a lot of time outlining each chapter, researching what others have already written about it, and then he will begin the process of writing. He carves out consistent chunks of time dedicated to writing.

In the end, both Daniel and Ed point out that there are different ways to approach writing and that it is possible to write and not be a disciplined writer.

Most Challenging Part of Writing

For Daniel, the most challenging part of writing for him is the middle of the book. He mentions that if he isn’t passionate enough about the idea that he is writing about, the will get stuck.

Ed states that the most challenging part for him is to know how to conclude each chapter.  Ed points out the importance of having a good editor. He continually asks himself, “What is my editor going to say?” while he is writing.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 347: So, You Want to Write a Book. Click here to subscribe and listen to more church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.



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