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The Role of Denominations in Church Planting

By New Churches Team

You have to acknowledge the persistence of denominations and denominationalism. But that doesn’t mean that it has stayed the same. Denominations are resurgent because they are resilient. They persevere.

How Denominations Form

Churches and Christians read the Bible. They see the Great Commission and realize that one church can’t do the Great Commission alone. That leads to partnerships, which leads to networks, which leads to denominations. If denominations continue asking what their missional focus is and prioritize church planting, they can and do have a voice in church planting. Churches associate for the Great Commission and that is why denominations exist.

How Denominations Help the Great Commission

Church planters ultimately have to walk a journey looking at what being part of a denomination accomplishes. Some denominations give greater access to global missions resources and North American missions. What is the most effective way to cooperate with the Great Commission? When denominations are focused on missional purposes, they are powerful tools for God’s Word. 

People have written off denominations for many years, but they still do most church planting today. Associationalism flows out of a commitment to a Great Commission, because you can’t do it with one local church. You need others. 

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 577: The Role of Denominations in Church Planting. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


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