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April 24, 2019

The Mission of Multiplication

By New Churches Team

Your ministry is going to be more stable and more secure in the long run, and more honoring to Jesus, if it’s built around a mission of multiplication and not one man. So, how do we do that? There are two primary questions.

Why would we want to build a multiplying church?

If you think about the gospel and what Jesus called us to do, He didn’t just say, “Come to Me.” He said, “Go into all the world and make disciples.” This is an offensive strategy. A commitment to multiplication is a commitment to go and send people out into all the nations and make disciples of Jesus everywhere. That is the call of every church and Christ follower. Nothing reaches more people effectively than starting new works of ministry. Bob Logan, one of the church planting fathers, said, “New churches reach more people as a percentage of their attendance. New churches reach new people that the church wouldn’t normally reach. And new churches raise up and develop new leaders that wouldn’t be developed otherwise.” New churches also produce passion and momentum.

How do we become a multiplying church?

  1. Make today the day.If you wait until you feel like you are ready and everything is comfortable, you will never multiply. You will never think you are ready. Consider small ways you can support new churches. Take an offering and give away a portion of it to a new church. Give to a new church the supplies you no longer need. Allow church planters to come and speak and take a love offering. This begins the culture of multiplication in your church.
  2. Begin to cultivate a multiplying culture.You can’t announce on a random day that you will be a multiplying church. You have to cultivate the culture. You need to ensure that your mission reflects your passion for multiplying. Language matters. Encourage that culture in your small groups. How can they have a missional component? Are they multiplying their group? Hold your leaders accountable to multiplying themselves. Require them to reproduce themselves and raise up leaders. This applies to senior pastors as well. Raise up other communicators and allow them to speak often. Reproduce yourself in those communicators.

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New Churches Team

NewChurches.com wants to help you build a strong foundation by connecting you with top experts in the field of church planting and multisite ministry, and by regularly providing you with the resources, information, and community you need to thrive as you multiply the mission of Matthew 28.


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