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The Journey From Newcomer to Member

By New Churches Team

While it is important to help your newcomers feel welcome, it is very important to help your visitors know the next step to take when deciding if they want to keep coming back.

Here are some ways to help move your first-time visitors become second time guests and beyond.

Track Growth

A good metric to measure growth is to have a system that tracks new people that are coming in.  One way to do that is to keep a record of the families that are checking in children. If you are missing children, then you also know you are missing a family. Intentionally take the time to follow up with both the adults and children by email, a text message, or a package that will arrive at their door.

Don’t Overwhelm Them

If you show newcomers all that your church has to offer—every program and every event—they may feel overwhelmed. Instead, have the next step for newcomers be really easy and sticky. The next step needs to involve people and be based around community because people are stickier than preaching.

The purpose of having the next step for newcomers is to help move them from observation to relationships and community. This step would also be a great time to involve leaders and volunteers that are highly relational, know how to carry on a conversation, and enjoy getting to know new people.

At some point during the service, make sure to mention to the newcomers that there is a place to meet afterward to give them a gift or important information. Ensure that the meeting point is not in a room, since that can actually act as a barrier for people to come. Make sure that the next step is easy, obvious, and strategic. For example, if it is a family of newcomers, strategically have the next step involve the whole family and cater to each child’s age group.

Remember that Follow-Up is Discipleship

If you really think about it, discipleship begins at the point of following up with a new guest. If you don’t have people coming into the church, there will be no one to disciple. So, make sure to have a clear follow-up process that is not overbearing nor overwhelming.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 368: Growing Pains. Click here to subscribe and listen to more church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.



New Churches Team

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