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January 16, 2019

The Importance of Outreach and Evangelism

By New Churches Team

A Product of Evangelism

Recently, I chatted with Kevin Harney, lead pastor of Shoreline Church. We discussed how vital evangelism is for every church and how to build that into a church’s culture. Kevin grew up in an atheistic household. He came to faith in Jesus when he was almost 16 years old. His first prayer was one of asking God into his life, and his second prayer was asking God what he should do next. Kevin felt a calling from God to spend the rest of his life telling people about Jesus.

What the Church Exists to Do

Kevin believes that the church exists to do three things:

  1. Glorify God in worship
  2. Grow believers in spiritual maturity
  3. Reach the world with the good news of Jesus

Every church knows that they must have worship and some sort of discipleship program for their members to continue coming. But almost every church chooses to stop evangelizing for a season or during difficult times. Those churches often find it difficult to regain momentum in evangelism once they have stopped.

A Five-Year Plan

At Shoreline, Kevin has created a five-year plan to keep the church focused on outreach and evangelism and to ensure that it is deeply ingrained in their culture.

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Additional Resources:

  • Follow Kevin Harney via his website (https://kevingharney.com/)
  • Check out the organic outreach resources: https://shorelinechurch.org/organic-outreach-resources/


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