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The Dilemma Multisite Churches Face

By New Churches Team

There is a common question between many multisite churches in the current pandemic climate. What can we do to build momentum during this time and not leave our established church behind?

Losing a Physical Location

Many churches are dealing with not being able to meet in the locations they were using before due to the local government or business COVID restrictions. As they try to figure out how to reach people online and how to find a physical location to meet, the reality is they may have already lost some of their people. Even if people are attending a small group, they may be attending other churches online. This is a real situation, especially if you were relying on rental sites in your multisite strategy.

Considering Different Strategies

Many original multisite leaders had already begun to rethink their multisite strategy and were shrinking the number of multisite campuses they offer. Many more are rethinking their strategy during this time of COVID. There will be a lot more church planters, house churches, and smaller churches that come out of this time. Long term, multisite is still a valid and valuable strategy alongside church planting. In the short term, what your community needs is healthy, thriving, growing churches regardless of how they are meeting.

Managing Change

The future is unclear. We don’t know what churches will look like in two years. There will be things we are predicting now that don’t come to pass. There will be other things we haven’t considered that will be bigger issues.

Our job as leaders in this whole process is managing change. Navigating this and leading our people through it as best as possible and to come out the other side as a stronger church is the best we can do, even if we are scattered more. The best thing you can do to not leave your people behind is to stay connected to them. You can’t forsake or neglect the real-life phone call. You can’t pastor completely on your computer. Make personal contact with your people to keep them connected.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 528: Challenges Multisite Churches Face During COVID. What is the Best Leader to Team Member Ratio? Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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