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The Best/Worst Things About Being a Pastor

By New Churches Team

Being a pastor comes with many responsibilities. Like with any job, some of those things you look forward to and enjoy. Others are things you complete out of duty but wouldn’t choose to do on your own. And then there is that rare category of items that are both the best and worst thing about your job simultaneously. Here are three things that are both the best and worst thing about being a pastor.

  1. Hospital Visits

Hospital visits are a rare chance to meet individually with members of your congregation. You can minister to the sick individual and their family during a difficult time. You are available to counsel them, pray for them, and simply be present. This is a truly meaningful moment for your congregants. But hospital visits also take a large amount of time out of your day. A visit to one member at one hospital can easily take an entire half of a day between travel time and your visit. They also come unexpectedly and at inconvenient times. However, the ability to minister to that family is an opportunity that makes this a “best” thing about your job.

  1. Flexibility

The ability to be available for your family is important. And often, as a pastor, you have the flexibility to adjust your schedule for family time. But having this flexibility also means that unexpected things come up at work that need to be handled on short notice. For example, funerals, hospital visits, staff issues, and more. So while the job allows you to prioritize family time, it also requires you to step away from your family unexpectedly to help minister to other families in their times of need.

  1. Funerals

When most people think about funerals, they think about how difficult and sad they are. And while this is true, as a pastor, funerals give you a unique opportunity to spend time with a grieving family as you minister to them, pray with them, and discuss happy memories about their deceased family member that you can then share during the funeral service. While funerals are often unexpected, and are always sad events, they give a pastor the ability to connect with a minister to an entire family – some of whom may need a caring pastor and church in their lives.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 400 – The Best/Worst Thing About Being a Pastor with Ed Stetzer, Todd Adkins, and Daniel Im Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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