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Systems for a Post-COVID Church

By New Churches Team

What systems are needed for a post-COVID church? COVID won’t be around forever, so you need to make sure you are creating or reevaluating your systems now.

Make It Simple

We all have a natural tendency to go back to the same pre-COVID systems we had rather than take a simplified system approach moving forward. One of the biggest things you can do is to continue those simplified systems forward. Think through what you have learned now so you can be more flexible in the future. 

Make Contingency Plans

We all wish we would have had more contingency plans in place pre-COVID. They take time to create, but doing it now is better than being faced with an emergency. This includes ministry contingency plans, event contingency plans, and financial contingency plans. 

None of us saw COVID coming, but if we had emergency contingency plans in place for natural disasters, a lot of that could have been applied in this situation. Maybe you have something in place for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, or snow. Those plans can be tweaked as needed. Consider what contingency plans you have in place if a ministry leader or volunteer leaves unexpectedly. What if you have a few weeks of lower-than-expected giving? 

Make Ministry Plans

It’s common to plan a year ahead, but COVID has forced us to plan ministry in shorter timeframes. Planning in three- to four-month segments takes less time and allows you to be more agile. This planning also allows you to evaluate and tweak ministry and events quickly after they happen. 

The speed of change is rapid and will continue to be this way moving forward. It makes sense to adjust our systems accordingly. Think in the terms of quarter planning, annual planning, and three-year planning. The days of extended five-year plans and strategies may be behind us. Things that take a long time can still be broken into smaller tasks to fit into quarterly planning.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 568: Systems for a Post-COVID Church. What is the Best Leader to Team Member Ratio? Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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