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Succession at Every Level of Your Leadership Pipeline

By New Churches Team

Succession needs to happen at every level of the leadership pipeline. If you are a great leader who has another opportunity and your current ministry falls apart when you leave, then you aren’t a great leader. How you leave is even more important than how you start. Make sure that things are set up very well when it is time for you to move on to another role. 

Always Developing a Successor

You should be able to step out at any time, for a new job or a sabbatical, because you should always be developing a successor. Succession at every level of your leadership pipeline means that any volunteer or paid staff should always know 2 or 3 people that could potentially take over if they are out. People getting sick, a spouse changing jobs, and emergencies we think will never happen do actually happen. People think of succession as a bad thing, but it’s not. People also get promoted and need someone to fill the spot they leave. 

Core Competency Training

If you have a pipeline in place, you don’t have to worry when things like COVID happen, because you have a framework in place to succeed. You know all of the positions you need and have descriptions of those roles. You have coaches and ministry leaders. If you know the core competencies for those roles and have trained people in them, you can shift people around within the church easily because they know how to lead people. You also have clear job descriptions that can be easily updated so you can give people a clear path forward in a rapidly changing world.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 546: Succession at Every Level. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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