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Staffing a New Multisite Campus

By New Churches Team

How Many Staff Should We Have at Launch?

As you launch your campus, you should start with just one full-time staff person. But that does mean that you will have to train and equip people in your launch team as if they were pseudo-staff people. If you need an assistant, consider hiring someone on an hourly basis, or use organizational and calendar apps to support yourself in the areas where you feel you need an assistant. 

Regardless of your size at launch, you need to have people leading the different ministry areas in your church. You need to have lay leaders over kids ministry, guest services and first impressions, evangelism and outreach, and groups. Have these ministry areas covered by high-capacity leaders who know how to lead others and lead leaders. Your job is to lead those leaders and form a ministry team around you. If all of these leaders are volunteers, your schedule will be different because you will have to meet with them outside of normal business hours. Make sure to balance that with your own family time. 

Which Position Should We Hire Next?

It is tempting to hire specialists, but consider that hiring an associate campus pastor might be more beneficial for you. This associate needs to be someone who is able to do a lot of different things. The biggest thing to consider as you hire this role is the need to have good chemistry with that first full-time staffer. Also, can this person be a leader of teams? Can they be a leader of others so that you can divide responsibilities?

As you launch, go in as lean as possible. You will be better at resourcing the right things once you see the lay of the land, rather than guessing what they need. You will have the fear that you don’t have enough staff or programming, but resist that fear. Figure out what the community truly needs as your campus grows.  

In a multisite context, you have ministry experts in the other campuses. You can hire an associate campus pastor who is not as experienced because you can lean on those residential experts for support. You don’t have to develop any ministry from scratch like you do in a church plant. 

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 458: Church Staffing Considerations. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.




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