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Should I Launch Online?

By New Churches Team

As a church planter, you may be considering how to plant a church during this season. One option you may have considered is launching fully online and opening a physical location at a later date. 

People First

If Spring looks like what the Fall looked like, then yes, launching online is a great idea as long as you also have small groups meeting. It’s important to remember that church is always people first. Because church, as we all know, is not just the weekend gathering or the weekend service. Anyone can tune in to any service online. It would be a big failure to try to launch without already having connected with your people. You need to be present with people. 

What is really rising to the surface in the midst of COVID is the importance of local connections, of neighboring with one another, and being incarnational in your neighborhood. That is what is sticky. Not preaching or music. If you are a new launch in 2021, you will not have the best preaching or music, no matter what your budget is. As a church planter, your greatest strength is the time you can spend discipling people because you don’t have the baggage other bigger churches have. Make sure your people are connected to one another in small groups to keep them committed to your church plant. This is a unique idea but one that could work in this current world of unknowns. 

Launch Small

You can be sustainable if you launch small. Especially in this time of COVID, you won’t face the same meeting restrictions some churches face. You also don’t have the same overhead costs and when your entire team comes together you have 100% of your church meeting. Imagine the gospel impact that could happen through that strategy. 

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 530: Should I Launch Fully Online? Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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