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Recruiting New Group Leaders

By New Churches Team

By Steve Gladen

Choosing a small group leader can be difficult. In Matthew 4, Jesus gave us a model for recruiting leaders. His first call was, “Follow Me.” Pretty simple, right? Three years later, His chosen Twelve, who turned the world upside down, were asked to die for Him. 

God Uses the Ordinary

What this model reveals for us is that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary acts. There are no limits on who God can use to make His name great. 

There was a girl named Marcy who was 19 years old and led a small group. She was not seminary trained but led because Jesus Christ had changed her life. Marcy invited a friend named Nita to her small group. Through this group, Nita became a follower of Christ then led her family to do the same. In total, through Marcy’s impact on Nita, 19 members of Nita’s family became followers of Jesus Christ. I know because I’m one of them. God used a 19-year-old girl to change the lives of my family. 

How to Recruit Leaders

When you’re considering people to be small group leaders, don’t set your bar too high. Jesus didn’t scare or overwhelm those He called. He took them on a relational journey to learn and grow. God always equips those He calls. 

Follow these tips to recruiting good leaders who have the potential to lead fruitful ministries. 

  1. Look for leaders who have followers. This person doesn’t need to be in a position of leadership, however, discern whether they have friends or not. Leaders will have friends who want to follow them.   
  2. Empower the people who lead groups best. These are typically the people with the gift of hospitality. Remember, language matters! Be wise with the language that you choose to market the role of a small group leader with. Be intentional about the words you choose to describe and label what a small group leader is to your church.  

As you’re looking to recruit leaders in your church, understand that you need a process. This process is your leadership development pathway as you begin your small group journey. 

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