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March 3, 2021

Recapture Your Vision

By New Churches Team

Even the most important things can become dust-covered over time. This statement applies to vision as well. You’ve heard the phrase, “Vision leaks.” It can seep out over a period of time. So, what do you do when you get a little distance between you and the vision? What happens when you aren’t feeling it as much?

We can all lose sight of the things that are most important in life—things that are really helpful to us in life—especially as it relates to why we said yes to being a leader. Sometimes it is as simple as going back and reminding yourself why you said yes to begin with. 

3 Things to Help You Recapture the Vision

  1. Remember your own story. Ask yourself the question, “How did God rescue me?” It is  helpful to remember that you are only here today because God chose to rescue you in a specific way in a specific season of your life. It is incredibly motivating when you choose to help people because it reminds you that they have a story too. God can use the intersection of your stories together to do something really amazing.
  2. Remember your church’s mission. What is your church’s unique footprint in your community? How does the community see your church? Remember why your church exists or how it is involved in the community.

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