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February 11, 2016

Reaching Every Nation with the Gospel

By Daniel Im

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Reaching Every Nation

Well, as most Americans know, we are in the middle of a heated political season. What does that mean? That means there are many politicians running around the U.S. trying to reach every voter in an effort to persuade him or her to cast the ballot in their favor.

The strategy to reach every voter isn’t just relegated to getting on an airplane and flying to a city and giving a political speech, or riding a tour bus across a state meeting with voters. No, there’s much more to it than that. Although I am no political expert, I feel certain that the strategy to reach every voter is multi-faceted. In the end, the political victor who will be sworn in as the next president will more than likely have had a solid, efficient, and effective strategy at reaching voters of every state.

When it comes to reaching people, the church isn’t in the business of reaching every voter, but they have been enlisted in God’s mission of reaching every nation with the good news of King Jesus. Recently I had the opportunity to connect with Adam Mabry—Lead Pastor of Aletheia Church in Boston, which is part of the Every Nation network—to talk about how Every Nation is working towards reaching every nation with the good news of Jesus Christ. In our discussion, Adam talked about three things that Every Nation does in an effort to reach every nation.

1. They aim to plant Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, and socially-responsible churches

For Adam and Every Nation they aim to inject a very simple, yet reproducible, DNA into every church plant—one that they believe will be effective at reaching people regardless of where the church is located. For clarity, I asked Adam to explain each strand of DNA.

  • Christ-centered, according to Adam, means that ministry will be rooted and connected to Jesus. Adam and Every Nation simply strive to make disciples in the way of Jesus—through life on life encounters­—and thereby avoid making ministry complex.
  • Spirit-empowered springs forth from the modern-day charismatic movement, where word and Spirit operate in unison for dynamic ministry and mission.
  • Socially-responsible aims to incorporate the church into the rhythms of the community in an effort to make the community a better place. Adam understands that when Jesus came into the world, he didn’t take control by taking power, but by exercising responsibility—even to the point of taking responsibility for man’s sin and putting the punishment on himself.

2. They prepare church planters to plant such churches through their ABC3 process

Having established the DNA they want every church to be injected with, Every Nation seeks to prepare planters to plant and lead such churches through their ABC3 process.

  • Assessment is the first part of their process. During four intense days, they assess whether or not the potential planter is called to plant and whether or not he has the gifts necessary to plant and lead a church to sustainability and reproducibility. [According to Adam, sustainability and reproducibility for a church is somewhere between 150–200 people.]

To get a chapter from his book, Church Forward, additional resources, and to read the final points of how Every Nation strives to reach every nation click here for the full video and post. This video is part of Plus Membership, so to get full access to it, and much more, I encourage you to become a Plus Member. Click here to see all the benefits of becoming a Plus Member.


  • Churches, denominations, & networks should have a strategy to reach every nation.
  • Adam Mabry discusses three things that Every Nation does in an effort to reach every nation with the gospel.
  • Jesus came into the world exercising responsibility—even to the point of taking responsibility for man’s sin. @adammabry
  • To equip planters on an ongoing basis, Every Nation assigns a CP coach, provides consultations, & creates cluster communities.
  • Part of @EveryNation strategy is connecting campus ministries with their local churches in strategic cities.
  • @EveryNation believes by reaching colleges they will reach future leaders, families, and eventually the nations.
  • @EveryNation is a good example of a network that has a strategy & process for reaching the nations with the gospel.



Daniel Im

Daniel Im (@danielsangi) is the Senior Associate Pastor of Beulah Alliance Church, a multiplying multisite church focused on reaching 1% of Edmonton for Christ. His latest book is You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love. He is also the author of No Silver Bullets and co-author of Planting Missional Churches. He co-hosts the New Churches Q&A Podcast, as well as the IMbetween Podcast. He has an M.A. in Global Leadership and has served and pastored in church plants and multisite churches ranging from 100 people to 50,000 people in Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Korea, Edmonton, and Nashville. Because of their love for the local church, after pioneering and leading the church multiplication initiative for LifeWay, Daniel and his wife, Christina, moved back to Canada with their three children. For more information, visit danielim.com and follow him on social media @danielsangi.


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