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October 6, 2018

Preparing for Momentum

By Shawn Lovejoy

Momentum does not come easily. Momentum is not automatic. Momentum is fragile. Momentum is elusive. Momentum is often a mystery. But can we prepare for it? You bet we can. We can’t PRESUME on momentum. We can be PREPARED for momentum. How?  


A staff only becomes a TEAM when it becomes 127% aligned around the VISION & VALUES of the ministry or organization. Here’s our first challenge: usually, there are one or two members on the team who tend to pull in their own direction. There are usually one or two team members who can’t keep up with the rest of the team. Alignment requires courageous conversations and courageous decisions. It requires COURAGE TO LEAD!


We must practice what we preach. We must must be the culture we want to build. We must also be living the vision consistently. We must clearly and consistently communicate the vision. We must also be committed to the blocking and tackling of leadership. Stay focused on the basics. We must do the little things well. If we can’t manage what we’ve got, why would God entrust us with more?


Complacency is the #1 gravitational force working against successful organizations. The greatest threat to future success is current success. Every day we have to declare war on complacency and mediocrity and embrace urgency, because we cannot change what we’re willing to tolerate.


Shawn Lovejoy

Shawn Lovejoy is Founder & CEO of CourageToLead.com. They facilitate leadership growth and organizational health for leaders through executive coaching and organizational consulting. Shawn has been a successful real estate developer, a church planter, megachurch pastor, and now leads a fast growing coaching and consulting organization. Shawn is the author of three books, most recentlyMeasuring Success: Your Path To Significance, Satisfaction, & Leading Yourself To The Next Level. Shawn has been married for 25 years to his best friend Tricia and they have three children: Hannah, Madison, & Paul. They all live in Trussville, AL, a suburb of Birmingham.


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