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February 2, 2019

Non-Negotiables for an Effective Children’s Ministry

By New Churches Team

Regardless of the size of your church and/or how long your church has been open, creating an effective children’s ministry has always been a struggle. When you are starting a church plant or multisite, it is important to start with the non-negotiables in mind. Here are three non-negotiables to consider as you launch your church plant.

  1. Safety

Parents must feel safe in dropping their kids off. This requires that a solid check-in system be in place. That doesn’t mean that the system has to be expensive. There are many options for a check-in system, including paper wristbands, stickers, text messaging, key fobs, etc. You can have a heavily staffed check-in area if you have enough volunteers, or you can have check-in self kiosks with a guest booth manned by a volunteer. You must also require that volunteers understand that the process has to be followed even when they know the parent. If the parent doesn’t have the pick-up sticker, they don’t get to take their child. They must go to the check-in desk or find a co-ordinator or ministry leader to be identified.  

  1. Volunteers

Weekly volunteers who are committed to serving are more beneficial than just having warm bodies in the classroom. This is often the most difficult part of creating an effective children’s ministry. Some churches require members or parents to serve, but this is not a good way to manage the need for teachers. Seek out volunteers who will commit to serving for an entire year and who want to be there, not forced to be there.

  1. Curriculum

It is vitally important to select a good curriculum. The lessons should be biblically-focused and should provide a better bottom line than something a child can learn in school. Children must learn that Jesus died for their sins, not simply that they should be kind. Any information and take-home sheets that you can send home with parents are a benefit.

Making these three issues your top priorities in forming a children’s ministry in your church plant will lead to an effective ministry with buy-in from the parents attending your church.  

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 124: Effective Children’s Ministry in Church Planting. Click hereto listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.



New Churches Team

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