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November 6, 2018

Mobilizing People for Mission [Part 4]

By Sam Hilton

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As we have discussed how to build a culture of mission, we are examining the three C’s of building a culture of mission: conviction, connection, and competence. For many who lead churches, there’s a frustration that the passion we might have for reaching the lost doesn’t seem to be reflected within the church. Sometimes this is a lack of conviction from our church.  Sometimes it’s a lack of connection for those they want to see saved with a place they can hear the gospel. But sometimes both of those things are in place; we just haven’t given people the tools and skills to join the dots. It’s joining the dots that we’re going to look at now as we think about competence.

Equipping Your Church in Evangelism

When we begin to build a framework for competence, we need to acknowledge opportunities for evangelism.  Sometimes people will walk in off the street and ask to start exploring truths about Jesus. But, the majority of the time, our mission field is going to the friends, family, and colleagues of those in our church. So, the place we first need to build competence is in equipping them for those first few conversations.

Listening to people’s stories and being able to share your own are keys to both understanding where people are and helping them understand how the gospel has shaped you.

We also want people to be able to share a basic gospel outline. This is moving away from the subjective (but still true) experience of how the gospel has changed a person and into explaining how the Bible tells the gospel story. The goal here is not to be teaching people an outline as if this is the end-point in their relationship with their friends but to give them confidence that if the conversation leads in this direction, then they’ll have the ability to articulate the gospel clearly.

Instilling Confidence

Our role in driving our church toward mission can’t stop with us equipping people with a gospel outline.  We need to give the confidence and opportunity for people to invite their friends to hear the gospel explained.  This needs to come from a number of different angles. It needs to drip into our preaching like telling stories about conversations we’ve been having with people and that others in our church have been having with people. We need our advertising to be easy to give away, taking away whatever barriers we can to make the ask easier.  One way we make it easier for those in our church is to print out business cards for our evangelistic series to hand to their friends, pointing them toward their next steps.

And that leads to the final aspect that builds a competence within your church: you need an evangelistic course in which that people have confidence. For us, we run a series called LIFE. But whatever it is for you, here’s how you can build confidence in people and competence in them inviting people along.  

First, they need to know what they’re inviting people to. So for everyone in our church, perhaps through your small groups, they need to come and see the course. They need to be familiar with and see the quality of what they’ll be inviting their friends to participate. Second, you need to sell the vision. How does this course help them share the gospel with their friends?  Third, a good evangelistic course helps equip your church by helping them think through the questions people are asking and seeing a model of how those questions can be answered in a biblical, gentle, and clear way. When they bring their friends along, they not only get to hear where their friends are at with God, they’re also equipped to be able to answer those questions in the future.

So as we finish looking at competence, we want to see our role in this as ensuring we equip those we lead with the skills to explain the hope that they have, while also providing a place where they can confidently and easily invite their friends to explore this hope in more detail.

When we see conviction, connection, and competence build in our churches, we create a culture of mission that mobilizes our people in evangelism.



Sam Hilton

Sam Hilton is the Missions Pastor at Hunter Bible Church in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.


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