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May 31, 2018

Why We Lose Great Creative People

By New Churches Team

If you’ve been in church for more than a few months, you will hear people say that they are being called to move on to a new place. The truth is, it hurts when people leave. Sometimes losing people is circumstantial. Sometimes losing people is a natural progression of growth.

There are some trends that become common reasons that creative people become disenfranchised. By focusing on these five trends, we can engage creative members of the church, challenge them, and set them up for success. Here are five reasons creative people leave.

1. We stop leading with vision.

Vison matters and it leaks. It creates momentum and excitement. When you lead with why you’re doing something, you transition from being a renter to an owner. When we rent something, we treat it one way, and if we own it, we treat it differently. By owning something, we make it our own, celebrate it, and put effort into it. Vision bleeds this passion.

2. We don’t allow people to unleash their passions.

It’s crucial to allow people to align their passions with the opportunities that you have. Give the creative people in your church an outlet to use the gift that God has given them. If they are aligning passions with opportunities, they will be excited to work. Not only do they want to do it, they will also be passionate about doing it. 

3. We micromanage instead of trust.

People might mess up or do things differently, but growth requires sharing responsibility and authority. This creates leaders that will learn from you and help and coach other leaders. When we lose creative engagement, we lose creative volunteers. They want to challenge, innovate, and create.

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