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January 29, 2020

Live Out What You Teach

By New Churches Team

A couple of years ago, scrolling through social media sites, I started seeing a hashtag about healthy preachers. These hashtags were usually attached to preachers in the gym, working to get in shape. They would share their disciplines and their progress and make statements about their commitment to get healthy. I was encouraged by this, because it is important that we guard these bodies God has given us to carry out the ministry.

We Are Clay Pots

In 2 Corinthians, Paul says, “We have this treasure in jars of clay.” This isn’t a complimentary picture of the vessel. The treasure is priceless, but God places it in clay pots. That’s us. We are fragile, weak, and vulnerable. And it is our stewardship to guard the vessel for the sake of the treasure. So pastors should do everything they can to care for their bodies because they only get one of them. God has entrusted these bodies to us and we should be good stewards of them.

Good Stewardship is Focused on Holiness

We need a holy preacher movement where we are all the more diligent to come alongside one another to live out the lives we preach. To not just lead it, but to live it. We need people in our lives, hopefully colleagues in the ministry, who will challenge us to lead godly lives. The stipulations and qualifications for ministry are recorded in Titus 1, 1 Timothy 3, and 1 Peter 5. A cursory scan of those qualifications makes it abundantly clear that it is the character of the man that matters to God, not his giftedness. Outside of being able to teach, the skills of ministry aren’t listed there. God wants godly men, so we must live out the lives of the faith we teach. We must be committed to being godly men of prayer, integrity, and holiness.

Encouragement and Accountability

We need brothers that will encourage us to live out that life. We need men who will ask us honest questions about how things are going in our life, the use of our time, the use of our money, our relationship with our wife, how our families are doing, about our broken relationships, and so on. After you answer these questions, they need to be close enough to ask you if you lied to any of those questions.

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