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January 8, 2020

Learn How to Multiply Yourself

By New Churches Team

Hitting a Growth Barrier

One of the challenges many organizations face is never growing or reproducing themselves. For example, in the business world, succession is a major issue. Often businesses die with the founder. In the church world, that happens an awful lot as well. A lot of churches that start never really grow or only grow to a certain level. Or maybe the church is growing like crazy, but they hit a plateau in students or kids ministry, and even though they are reaching more adults they aren’t reaching more kids. This idea of hitting growth barriers happens all the time. You have to know how to multiply yourself to overcome growth barriers.

Know Your Lane

There are several different reasons that you may have hit a growth barrier, but the number one reason that you need to face head on is this: You are not the body of Christ.

Expectations for pastors are high. Many churches expect them to preach, lead meetings, and be the person who is responsible for everything. This quickly leads to burnout and the church stops growing. This isn’t just an organizational problem; it’s a theological problem.

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