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June 10, 2020

Leadership in a Multicultural Church

By New Churches Team

Serve Where God Calls You

Bernard Emerson grew up as the son of a pastor. His father told him, “You don’t have a choice to who and where God calls you. He just may call you to people who can’t afford your salary, but that doesn’t mean you don’t serve.” And Bernard found that to be true in his own life. 

When he started a church, the church couldn’t afford to pay him a salary. So, he worked as a bivocational pastor. When he wasn’t at church, he worked as a garbage man. He used that as an opportunity to connect, counsel, and disciple his coworkers and grow the Kingdom of God. As he did that work, he also pastored a predominately black church in California. Several years ago, while attending a Bay Area clergy cohort meeting, he was challenged to reimagine the system. He and another pastor, who led a predominately latino church, felt God leading them to merge their churches to create a multicultural church. Tapestry Church in Oakland, California, was born. 

Create an Atmosphere for Growth and Discussion

At Tapestry Church, they are rolling out three programs to help address the topic of racism within the church. 

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