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November 14, 2018

Interview with Ed Stetzer About Christians in the Age of Outrage

By New Churches Team

Us vs. Them

In this book, Stetzer discusses the power of teams and the innate desire we all have to belong to a team that gives us purpose. But Stetzer also explains how there is an inherent danger in teams. A team gets affirmation from each other, but they don’t call out things that people shouldn’t do because they are “on the team.” This path leads to the inability to have empathy for others. It is important for church teams to have an outward focus. Team members should be doing life with people outside of the team. An easy way to start this process is to make sure that team members are in different Bible study groups instead of all being together in one.

Tough Topics

Stetzer also discusses how many Christians now have a dissenting opinion to culture’s view on same-sex marriage. As dissenters, we have to engage the community that has a different view than us. We cannot wait for the controversy to pass. Pastors should be prepared to answer questions people have and discipleship has to include a biblical knowledge and a clear sense of what the Bible teaches about sexuality and more.


Americans have never regularly attended church as a majority. Those who are regularly attending increasingly look less like the culture. Formerly, churches were reaching people with a religious memory who were lapsed in church attendance. Now, churches are reaching people across a greater cultural divide that have never attended church.

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