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May 13, 2020

Intersecting Worship Ministry and Church Planting

By New Churches Team

Creating the Collective

Greg Armstrong was a worship pastor for 16 years before planting Renew Church outside Chicago, Illinois. He is now the pastor of Renew Church as well as Director of Enrollment at Northern Seminary, and he leads the Renew Collective. The Renew Collective is a group of worship leaders, artists, worship pastors, musicians, producers, songwriters, etc., who come together to create moments of worship to encourage the church body through song and revival. Every member of the Collective is a member of a local church, but not all attend Renew Church. Greg created the Collective to bring together aspiring professional musicians who wanted to create records at a professional level that would be a ministry to local churches and the greater church body.

An Outreach Ministry

Renew Collective is a completely separate entity from Renew Church, but the church does view the Collective as their musical outreach effort. They consider it an extension through which they can connect with other local churches. They use a multi-church, multi-artist approach. They consider it their mission to resource the local church with songs that can cross over cultures and reach as many contexts as possible.

A Conference for All

Three years ago, Armstrong found himself weekly connecting with churches that needed help navigating worship team issues.

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