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How Vision Hijackers Affect Your Launch Team

By New Churches Team

Vision hijackers are people who mean well generally but think they have a better vision for your church than the vision God has given you for your church and that the church has already agreed to. Vision highjacking usually comes during a time when the church is at a pause or during a little struggle. And these well-meaning vision hijackers want the church to continue to succeed. They have good intentions. But it is important to continue to focus on the direction God has given you. You can, however, consider if God is leading you to broaden your vision to include what they are suggesting. 

Creating Your Team

Everybody who is in your core group has a vision for your church, and it will be different from your vision to some degree. People convince themselves early on that they align with the vision, but there is always a sense that people will be pleased and displeased about certain elements when the church plant opens. Not everyone has fully explored the church methodology like you as the church planter has. 

When people are vocal about having a different vision, they probably won’t stay in the core group. For those who stay, if the vision works when the church plant launches, they will be encouraged. But if the vision doesn’t work and the launch isn’t successful, then those people will begin to step forward as vision hijackers to suggest things they think would work.

Using Assessments

Consider having everyone on your launch team take a personality assessment so that you can better learn how to work together. Church planters are often able to see how things will work simply by imagining them, while other people need to see it in action to know if it will work. The Kolbe assessment can help determine how an individual will respond in this way and explain how each individual ranks on a scale of imaginer to builder. As you are in your pre-launch phase this could be a helpful tool.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 477: Vision Highjackers. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


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