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How Does Coronavirus Affect Church Plants?

By New Churches Team

There are church plants that were planning on launching but have put their plans on hold. There are church plants that are still planning on launching in the coming months. What should those church plants do in light of the coronavirus? This is the time to seize the opportunity. 

Here are three words of encouragement for this season. 

1. Don’t intimidate by fear. Instead offer hope.

Many years ago, people would try to evangelize by sharing films that would scare people into becoming Christians. That is not the right approach. That is being opportunistic. The Lord would be honored instead if we shared with non-Christians the hope that we have in Jesus. 

2. Have peace that passes understanding. 

Carry yourself in a way that people will ask why you are so peaceful about the situation. Be the person who is checking on your neighbor. Do not be afraid, even if a family member is sick. Trust in the Lord, even in the midst of the crisis, because you live for Him. 

3. Have a reason for the hope that is in you.

Always be prepared to tell people why you have hope. The answer is not our fortitude or how hard we try. Show and share the love of Jesus broadly and widely, without being opportunistic.

Practically Speaking

If you are a church who has just started, or is hoping to start soon, and don’t have the funds to be high tech, don’t worry about how to create the best online experience. People are looking for authenticity. If you will sow during this time, you will reap later. To sow, you don’t sow into yourself. You don’t have to worry about creating the best live stream. You sow by taking care of others. Be about serving people and sharing the love of Jesus. Gather together when you can, but right now die to yourself. Die to the vision that you had three months ago and let the Lord birth a new mission in you. Trust Him in what is going to emerge on the other side.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 489: Coronavirus and Church Plants. Click here to listen to more church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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