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October 13, 2018

How Do You Train Volunteers?

By New Churches Team

If you are a church leader, you may struggle training and equipping your people. And you’re not alone. Research shows that 3 in 4 churches do not train their volunteers and leaders. Many don’t know how, don’t have the time to do so, and don’t have access to the resources they need.1

A pastor likely doesn’t know how to train people in every ministry area, from preschool, to worship, to the parking lot. Even if a pastor has time to develop training for his church, most find it impossible to get volunteers and leaders to attend training meetings and events. Many pastors also find it difficult to create a specific scope and sequence of development for new, more advanced, and expert-level leaders. Because of this struggle, most churches often provide one basic training cycle in a given ministry area and train to the lowest common denominator.

Our goal is to change this stat by making training as accessible as possible. And to help make the decision easy for you, we are offering you a deal you can’t refuse. You can get unlimited access to Ministry Grid for YOUR ENTIRE CHURCH for just $399 a year.

This means you can train every volunteer in every ministry of your church with our core Ministry Grid library of over 3,000 videos. And you can also customize all of our training by adding your own videos, embedding YouTube videos, adding your own downloads, and much, much, more. Try it and see the difference Ministry Grid can make for your church.

So, what are you waiting for? This offer is available for a limited time, so purchase your Ministry Grid subscription today and learn more about recruiting and developing leaders in your church and ministries.

For more info on Ministry Grid or to purchase, click here. Offer valid through 10/17/2018.

  1. LifeWay Research, “CRD Training Project” (Nashville: LifeWay Christian Resources, 2012).



New Churches Team

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