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March 16, 2019

Four Blind Spots in Church Planting

By New Churches Team

Church planters are driven, passionate individuals. They often become dissatisfied with the status quo, which leads them to launch churches. They believe God has called them to do something different than what they are currently experiencing. This entrepreneurial drive helps them get things done quickly, but often leaves them with some blind spots. Here are blind spots that church planters often face.

Four Blind Spots

  1. Unhealthy Ambition

The desires that drive you become the demons that drag you down. Godly ambition and unhealthy ambition are often mixed together, and it becomes difficult to distinguish the unhealthy ambitions. Acknowledge your own unhealthy ambitions and consider where you need to place your focus.

  1. Misplaced Identity

Many church planters believe that their church plant depends completely on them. Their identity is completely tied up in how the church plant does each week. How many people were in attendance? Did the offering grow from last week? When what started as being about honoring God becomes more about yourself, you are facing a problem.

  1. Neglecting Family

Are you neglecting your family for the mission of the church? A church plant can easily become the mistress in your marriage. Don’t forget how important it is to make your family a priority. And don’t force your family to volunteer for anything and everything that you can’t find someone else for. Encourage them to serve in the areas of the church that they feel God leading them to.

  1. Neglecting Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation is vitally important. Contemplative introverts write most spiritual formation books, and most church planters don’t think that way so they tend not to read those books. It is important to make sure that you continue to think about and avoid neglecting your own personal spiritual formation as you strive to bring others closer to God.

Addressing Blind Spots

Though these four blind spots can be easy to find yourself in, they are easily addressed. Here are two ways to address these blind spots.

  1. Mentor Relationship

A relationship with an older mentor can help you address any places in your life with which you might be struggling. Find a godly pastor that you trust who can speak into your life and help you identify those blind spots. This person should be someone you can share your inner motivations with and that can help keep you accountable.

  1. Find a Team

Don’t try to do everything yourself. Find a team that can complement your weaknesses. Train them up and multiply yourself. It’s OK if they can’t do it all the way you would.

By identifying your blind spots and taking steps to address them, your personal relationships and church relationships will benefit.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A PodcastEpisode 1: Pitfalls, Landmines, and Blind Spots in Church Planting. Click hereto listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.



New Churches Team

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