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August 30, 2018

A Formalized Leadership Process 

By New Churches Team

A Picture of the Church

In 2008, Léonce Crump and his wife moved to Atlanta, Georgia, to plant a church. After three false starts and many lessons learned, Renovation Church publicly launched in January 2011 in Downtown Atlanta. When the church opened they had a core team of 15-20 people but have since grown to 1,400. With three services each week and a building that can seat 500 per service, they are running out of space and they have been looking for a new location for more than 15 months.

A Formalized Leadership Process

Renovation Leadership Institute (RLI) is an instructive model that is also mixed with cohort learning. It includes two stages. In RLI Module 1, there is a large group training once a month and then the other three weeks a member meets with their cohort. In RLI Module 2, graduates of RLI Module 1 are paired with a mentor and placed on a team (or teams) that match their gifts and passions. Those teams are then provided with specialized cohort only training with material experts. Some of those cohorts dive into the subjects of entrepreneurship, creative design, faith and work, missions, foster care and adoption, and teaching and communication.

An Opportunity for Anyone to Serve

For those members who aren’t ready for RLI, the church provides fundamental training four times a year. Those training times begin with a rally where they revision what it means to be an ambassador in the church, why their participation matters, why it’s just as vital for them to work the parking deck as it is for Léonce to preach the gospel from the stage, the why of serving in God’s church, and maximizing their leadership gift. Léonce then teaches a leadership principle, and they split into their teams to breakdown that principle further. Every single department also does frequent retraining for their own ambassadors (Renovation Church’s term for their volunteers).

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