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June 5, 2019

Factors in Selecting a New Facility For Your Church

By New Churches Team

Key Factors in Choosing a Church Location

Whether you are looking to lease a space or buy property, there a few key factors to assess before deciding what is best for your church. The first factor to consider is your ministry. The building is a tool that allows your ministry to gather, but it isn’t the focal point. It is crucial you choose a location that serves your particular ministry’s needs.

The second thing to consider is your budget. Often, churches are on a budget when looking for new locations. It is necessary to ask what your budget allows for. Many church plants start in movie theaters, schools, recreation centers, and community centers to save money early on.

The last factor is the location. Locate the public spaces in your area and identify who it is that you are trying to reach.

What to Look for in a New Space

Start with your budget. From the beginning of your church plant, it is essential to “stash cash” and save money to put toward your future facility fund. No matter where you are in your church planting, you should be putting money toward this fund. If your church is growing, you should be considering your next facility. This way, you will have money for a down payment on a new space or cash to renovate or modify your future space. Having this fund set aside will allow you the freedom to accept opportunities to relocate without putting you in a financial bind.

Saving for Your Future Facility Fund

Many people ask what a good goal percentage to put toward your future facility would be. Typically, there isn’t a lot of margin in this area. Usually churches spend 40-50% on staffing, 20-30% on facilities, and 20% on your ministry budget. It often does not leave much room for extra expenses.

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