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April 26, 2018

Equipping Yourself and Your Team

By Daniel Im

Jesus gave His disciples vision and purpose. He challenged us to love the Lord, love our neighbors, and feed His sheep. Children’s ministry deserves a vision statement too. Provide a vision for your volunteers, your kids, and your leaders to follow at your campus or church plant. Begin praying for wisdom and discernment. Encourage the key leaders of your team that God would reveal His vision for your children’s ministry. Prayer must come first.

Equip Yourself and Your Team

As the leader of your children’s ministry, be open and honest with your team. Be open to new ways of leading and be open to the ways in which God guides your children’s ministry.

Here are some things you will need as you develop your children’s ministry vision statement:

1. Your Bible. This is the most important asset you can have because you need to make sure that what you are doing is based on Scripture.

2. Notepads. Provide notepads for your team.

3. Sticky Notes. Provide sticky notes in an array of colors and sizes with pens and highlighters as well. You are able to write on these large pieces of paper and then hang them around the room as you go through the process of developing your vision statement. Being surrounded by these papers will be a constant reminder of where God is leading you. If you already have a vision statement, put it in front of your teammates to read and reflect on it.

Four Important Lessons

Keep your children’s ministry vision statement simple. You may have to change your terminology. You may have to change everything that you are currently doing. But if you make sure that everything you are doing falls in line with your new vision statement, then your ministry will be more efficient, reach more children, communicate more effectively with families, and lighten the burden for your team.

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Daniel Im

Daniel Im (@danielsangi) is the Senior Associate Pastor of Beulah Alliance Church, a multiplying multisite church focused on reaching 1% of Edmonton for Christ. His latest book is You Are What You Do: And Six Other Lies about Work, Life, and Love. He is also the author of No Silver Bullets and co-author of Planting Missional Churches. He co-hosts the New Churches Q&A Podcast, as well as the IMbetween Podcast. He has an M.A. in Global Leadership and has served and pastored in church plants and multisite churches ranging from 100 people to 50,000 people in Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Korea, Edmonton, and Nashville. Because of their love for the local church, after pioneering and leading the church multiplication initiative for LifeWay, Daniel and his wife, Christina, moved back to Canada with their three children. For more information, visit danielim.com and follow him on social media @danielsangi.


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