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April 21, 2021

Dealing With Burnout

By New Churches Team

Feeling Overwhelmed

Erik Lindeen planted Mosaic Church just over five years ago outside of Minneapolis. He had been a part of other church plants before but never as the lead pastor. Before COVID hit, things were going OK at Mosaic. He didn’t realize how close to burnout he actually was. Erik shares about how they had transitioned from a small, nimble church plant to having a board and raising up leaders. He says that he underestimated how exhausting that process would be, but that had gotten to a good place just before COVID.

Early on in the pandemic, he struggled with the move from meeting in-person to online. As a pastor of150-200 people, he found that he often did a good portion of his shepherding in-person on Sunday mornings. Suddenly, he didn’t know what to do. Erik met with his board and told them he was feeling overwhelmed. While the board understood, they were all facing the same crisis he was. It was difficult for them to provide support when they were in the situation together.

When Crisis Hits

Mosaic made it through Easter, but shortly after Erik received emails from a part-time staff member and an elder letting him know that the stress was too much and they were leaving their positions and the church. This experience broke Erik. The trauma was too much for his brain, and he broke down. He told some men from his church that he didn’t think he could be a pastor anymore. “The positives of seeing people come to Christ, and baptizing them, and raising them up to leadership didn’t feel like they outweighed the negatives of people leaving with just an email,” Erik explains. After 20 years in ministry, Erik felt like this might be the time to resign.

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