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August 21, 2019

Creating a Network to Reach Your City

By New Churches Team

What happens when your vision for church planting expands from that of just your church to your entire city? It can be overwhelming to think about because it is a vision that not any one person or group can  fulfill on their own. So how do you promote the movement of the gospel throughout your entire city?


The challenge in church planting within a large and diverse city is effectively reaching each different people group and religion. Having a citywide vision enables you, as a church planter, to go beyond the limits of your building or your community and start viewing the entire city as your mission field. A citywide vision means that when you gather together, you share a united sense of burden for the many diverse communities within your city. As a church planter, you need to own the problem of unreached people groups within your city. This requires much prayer and relying on God to provide the avenues you need to build bridges to those communities. 

Church planters help other church planters in their mission to advance the gospel. Seek out and identify potential planters with whom you can work with to plant churches. Although the approach may look different,you have the same mission given to you by God: to spread the gospel and to love others. 

Creating a city network that expands beyond your church plant allows for the gospel to be multiplied rather than just duplicated. City networks allow others who might have otherwise shied away from planting a church to link arms with you and have the confidence to take risks for the gospel. 

DNA of Church Planting

Finding reliable people you can work with is the key to fostering meaningful collaboration that will endure both time and trials. There are three things that make up the DNA of church planting: a love for the Lord, a love for the city, and a belief that church planting is the key to reaching the lost. When it comes to church planting, there a culture of generosity and humility must continually be cultivated. 

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