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July 3, 2019

Collaborating With Organizations in Your Community

By New Churches Team

As a pastor or church leader, you’re not only responsible for collaboration within your ministry, but you now have the responsibility for collaborating outside your church with other churches, ministries, and organizations. The relationships you build can be incredibly valuable for your church and its impact on your community.  

Develop a Reputation 

In order to come alongside and partner with other organizations and churches, you must first develop a credible reputation as a church that serves others. Some churches are not held high in this regard. An easy way to start developing a reputation as a church that serves in your community is to look for a need and then fulfill it. The more involved you are in your community, the more you’ll see the different needs laced throughout it. And the more ways you have to serve opens up more opportunities to engage people and share the gospel.  

Network with Other Organizations and Churches

You must also be purposeful to network with other organizations doing significant work in your community. When you partner together, you can do work that has an even greater impact. What organizations are consistently meeting major needs throughout your community? Pinpoint them and then look for ways to serve and support them. This might be making a donation or recruiting volunteers to help with one of their projects. Whatever it may be, you and your church body can help! 

Generously supporting others who are doing great work in your community is a powerful bridge-builder and helps the community see a positive contribution from your church. Churches can continue to earn favor from their communities by being known as the church that serves, supports, and acts on behalf of its community. Is your church adding value to your community?

The potential to learn and grow from other churches is invaluable. When churches and organizations realize that they aren’t in competition with each other and collaborate together to see God’s kingdom be advanced, powerful things can be accomplished. The wisdom you can glean from churches that are a couple of steps ahead of you can save you and your team needless headaches. You can also be a great guide to churches that may be a couple steps behind you.

Three Things to Keep in Mind 

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you seek to collaborate with other churches and organizations in your community:

  1. Learn from churches and organizations that do things differently than you.

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