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July 31, 2019

Collaborating to Further God's Mission

By New Churches Team

In this New Churches training video, Dennae Pierre, the executive director of the Surge Network, shares her experience with the Surge network and working with churches in Arizona.

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Collaboration is something that requires using spiritual muscles that aren’t necessarily developed when you’re only leading in one institution. These muscles are good to develop, however, often times, they go undeveloped simply because people aren’t stretched in those areas during one’s typical ministry. 

Everything goes slower when it comes to collaboration. Because of this, there needs to be a high intentionality when working through conflict and believing the best in one another. Ninety percent of collaboration is investing in and nurturing the relationships that the collaboration extends from. You cannot move forward in collaboration without togetherness

Discernment in Your Calling

If your calling is one from God, be reminded that it wasn’t just given to you, but rather, a vision that is most likely shared amongst many different church planters. That shared vision is to be celebrated, not pushed away from. Too often, when church planters hear of another church planter with a similar mission and mindset, they treat that other church plant as the competition. When you recognize that Christ has called you both to the same mission, you can choose collaboration over competition. 

Impacting Your City

Impacting your city is slow work and takes lots of time to build trust and collaborative vision. Seek out those who come from different backgrounds in order to expand your potential impact and the mindset that you go into your ministry with. 

Be honest with yourself and with others as to what your goal is. If your goal is to grow your church, then be open about that! Don’t try to hide the fact that you want to see your church body increase. If your goal is church planting, then be direct with others about what you’re doing to get there. The body of Christ has so much potential to multiply when we put our personal agendas aside and focus on the role that Christ has specifically called us to. 

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