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April 17, 2019

Church Multiplication Q&A With Ed Stetzer

By New Churches Team

During our most recent Q & A with Ed Stetzer, Ed answers questions specifically about church multiplication. 

  1. How long should a church plant keep pressing on without seeing regular visitors on Sunday mornings before it’s time to talk about major changes?

Think in terms of seasons. If you go through an entire fall or spring season without seeing any guests, start asking questions about what you need to do differently. If you already see signs your church is moving in that direction, start making tweaks along the way.

  1. How would you define financially “self-sustaining” as a church plant?

A self-sustaining church plant doesn’t get money from the outside anymore.

  1. What are the most troubling tendencies/trends in young planters?

Now church planting is the “it” thing. The challenge today is you are attracting some people who don’t want the hassle of an established church. They are looking for a cool opportunity but aren’t evangelistically passionate.

  1. What advice would you give re: Urban Church Planting and Urban Church reviving?

It’s more multicultural. It’s more economically diverse, but it varies greatly based on the city.

  1. Should church planting residencies consider having a diverging point where there is a “concentration” based on planting model?

It’s difficult to have the capability to do that from a resource stand point. This concept might work better on an individual learning basis, and they could read books that are specific to their concentration at the end of their apprenticeship.

  1. What does the future of house churches look like in our western context?

The future is a lot like the past. A lot of pastors are moving from big churches to house churches. It comes in waves, and one of those waves is eventually going to crest over the wall.

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