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Build a Great Guest Services Team

By New Churches Team

Structuring Your Guest Services Teams

The overriding principle in forming a guest service team is this: structure your team for future success. While some churches assign the generic title “greeter” to all members of their hospitality services team, Danny recommends breaking teams into specialty sub-teams. Rather than developing generic greeters with generic results, this focus will allow your volunteers to focus on becoming professional practitioners in their area of service. Here are four ways to get started in team structure.

  • Consider your context. What are the needs for service and hospitality in your particular context? Start with a whiteboard, brainstorm, and then work toward assigning volunteer roles that fit the needs of your context.
  • Think “outside-in.” Don’t make the mistake of staffing only inside the four walls of your church. Volunteers outside greeting and ushering guests into the church on Sunday morning serve as a human welcome sign to those on the outside. Design your guest service ministry roles with the outsider in view. How will the person new to your church be welcomed by your team?
  • Decide on a schedule. Many churches that have multiple services operate with an “attend one, serve one” schedule. Some churches with one weekly service ask volunteers to serve once a month. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but you do need to make a plan. A clearly communicated schedule will help your volunteers understand what is expected of them and ensure that hospitality needs are covered each week.
  • Put leaders in place. Jesus’ main method of ministry was to invest into 12 leaders, and we would do well to learn from His model. Choose leaders to invest in with the goal that they would, in turn, invest in others. Multiplicity of leadership means that no one person shoulders the entire burden alone.

Staffing Your Guest Services Teams

How do you keep your team organized? Here are four roles that Danny and The Summit Church have found effective in their multi-site ministry at the Summit:

  • Guest Service Director. This person is responsible for identifying and training volunteers, setting vision for the ministry, and troubleshooting problems. Your guest service director should be the person in your church who eats, drinks, and breathes hospitality on a heart level.

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