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May 29, 2019

A Start-Up Church Plant

By New Churches Team

Learn the Principles

People in the faith community are often nervous about putting business language on the process of creating a new faith community. But it’s important to look at the principles and see what we can learn. The early decision making of the leader and the people around that leader creates an atmosphere that catalyzes growth and opportunity and there is inherent risk involved. Two things that are important in every start-up are:

  1. Place a clear value on leadership. Realize how important that person at the core is. What kind of leader are they? How do they treat people? What’s their work ethic?
  2. Have one clear goal. Rally the team around one clear idea and win at that one idea as fast as possible. If we can do this well, we can prove that we have what it takes and move on to other goals.

Leverage the Principles

So, how can churches translate what these business principles into their churches? Here are four ways.

  1. Help them understand that they matter as a leader. If you are going to launch a company, launch one that is creating a culture and rests on a foundation that is healthy and full of character and has biblical wisdom at the core. Though businesses may fail, leaders never should.

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