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August 7, 2018

4 Types of Pastors for Your Spanish Speaking Campus

By Maynor Motta

When starting a Spanish speaking campus of your church, it is essential that you find a pastor who aligns with your vision. But there are several types of pastors that can help you reach the Hispanic community in your area. Each type requires a distinct strategy for success between the Spanish campus and the central campus.

When meeting with candidates to lead your Spanish campus, one of the first and most important questions you can ask is what role he sees himself fulfilling. If he is theologically trained and wants to preach on Sundays but you want to orient your new location with a livestream or sermon on video, then perhaps he is not the right fit. Alternatively, if you are looking for a pastor who can serve the location as a senior pastor, overseeing all facets of ministry and preaching, then someone who is only capable of administrative duties isn’t going to mesh well with your vision.

Here are four types of pastors that you can employ.

1. Facilitator

The facilitator is a pastor whose main job is simply to ensure that weekend services go according to plan. The services under a facilitator will generally be very similar to those at the main campus, but with some differences to accommodate the Spanish speaking crowd. Generally, the facilitator should be charismatic but does not need to have theological training or even be bilingual. With a facilitator, you will need a liaison between the Spanish campus and the English campus.

2. Manager

Much like the facilitator, the manager must have good presence and make sure weekend services run smoothly. However, the manager is given a larger role in ministry than the facilitator. They may have some theological training and be an overseer of kids ministry, adult ministry, small groups, and other ministries. The manager does not need to be bilingual and will likely still require a liaison between campuses, but they hold a more direct role over their campus.

3. Communicator

Preaching, teaching, and communicating are the role description of a communicator. This type of pastor is theologically trained, charismatic, and able to engage well with church members (just like the manager and facilitator) but is also capable of delivering Spanish language sermons that are theologically aligned with the church’s mission. The communicator may work in the same role as the manager, or he may not. Ideally, he works with all ministries and is bilingual to serve as the church’s liaison to the main campus.

4. Planter

This is very much a senior pastor role. The planter is in charge of everything at his campus, including teaching and other ministries, and serves as the point of contact between the Spanish campus and the English campus. This pastor is bilingual and likely on the executive team of the multisite church.

The need for Spanish language outreach is growing every day. In order to meet that need, churches must first find a leader capable of effectively reaching the Hispanic community. Knowing what kind of leader best fits your church’s vision is crucial to finding that leader and beginning the journey toward an effective Spanish speaking ministry.

This article from Maynor was adapted from our Spanish Speaking Ministry course. Do you feel like starting a Spanish speaking ministry, campus, or church plant seems overwhelming?  Check out our Spanish Speaking Ministry course and access 12 modules to help you serve this growing population with the right strategy and right leaders.


Maynor Motta

Maynor Motta is the lead pastor of the Spanish campus at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton.


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