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How Does Coronavirus Affect Church Plants?

What should those church plants do in light of the coronavirus? This is the time to seize the opportunity. 

Rethinking Post-Coronavirus Ministry

Here are four things each church should consider as they think about the people they’ll be serving—both those who’ve been around for a while and newcomers. 

Episode 489: Coronavirus and Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss how coronavirus is affecting church plants.

When Coronavirus Interrupts Your Plans

COVID-19 is affecting everyone in the world. And it is changing the landscape for the church.

Episode 479: How the Church Should Respond to the Coronavirus

Ed discusses how as a church we should respond to the coronavirus.

Episode 476: When Coronavirus Interrupts Your Plans (with Josh Gagnon)

Daniel and Josh Gagnon, lead pastor of Next Level Church, discuss dealing with disappointment when your dreams are crushed by extreme situations.

How to Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic in Your Church

If you haven’t thought about it already, now is the time to consider responding to a pandemic at your church.

How to “Be Strong and Courageous” Today

We are to be courageous as we give ourselves completely to God’s work. What exactly is God’s work? 

Small Town Mission with Aaron Morrow [Behind-The-Scenes]

There is still great need for planters in rural areas and small towns.

Episode 515: Mandatory Masks for Worship?

Daniel and Ed discuss religious liberty and how that applies during this time.

Episode 514: Firing Someone You Don’t Want to Fire

Daniel and Todd discuss when you have to make the difficult decision to fire someone based on budget, not on performance.

A New Normal

Returning to normal after such a historic moment would be nothing short of missing one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime.

Auditing Ministry and Volunteer Roles

To have a good understanding of your church overall, you must audit every ministry area and all volunteer roles.

How Do You Respond to Constraints in Ministry?

When you face constraints in ministry, are you a victim, neutralizer, or transformer? 

Episode 510: Books to Read on Change Management

Daniel and Todd discuss books you should be reading as a team.

Thriving in Leadership

Leading in the church makes pastors prone to serving in crisis.

Episode 509: How Evangelism Practices Have Changed During the Pandemic

Daniel and Ed discuss how evangelism has changed during the pandemic.

Reopening a New Church Plant Post-COVID-19

The first week the church reopened for worship services, they learned several things they did well and things they would need to improve on.

Creating a Contingency Plan

The purpose of contingency planning is to ensure continuity of church and ministry operations or financial stability.

Episode 508: Change Management

Daniel and Todd discuss what we can learn about change management to include in our leadership development.

Using Connection to Assimilate New Members

As you begin to look forward to meeting together in person again, but often in limited circumstances, how can you best assimilate these new members into your church?

Episode 507: Fundraising and Planting a Church During a Pandemic

Daniel and Ed discuss how to be successful in fundraising and planting a church during this time.

Moving to “We Can”

As church leaders, we must keep our teams optimistic, flexible, and focused on essential ministry.

Episode 506: Reopening a Multisite Church

Daniel and Todd discuss reopening a multisite church.

More Than the Weekend Experience

Customer-centric Sunday experiences have weakened the church — Coronavirus is pushing us to a better way.

Considerations for Reopening Your Church

There’s a beautiful constraint that we find our churches and ministries in at this time.

Leading Your Church Toward Normal [Training Video]

Todd Adkins discusses how to lead your church toward normal with this complete COVID-19 guide.

Redeploying Staff or High-Level Leaders During COVID-19

Right now you have to identify and categorize what needs to be realigned in your church.

How Do We Handle Funerals During a Pandemic?

The coronavirus is affecting our ability to celebrate the lives of beloved members of our church and community who have passed away as well as mourn with those who are grieving.

New and Adapted Volunteer Roles

In the wake of COVID-19, we have a tremendous opportunity in our churches to build an army of volunteers and leaders, not just an audience.

Adapting Volunteer Roles in Your Church [Training Video]

Todd Adkins discusses how volunteer roles in your church may need to be adapted as a result of COVID-19.

Episode 502: Starting New Campuses During COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss starting new campuses during COVID.

Prayer During a Pandemic – Part Three

I observed how prayer is our response in times of difficulty.

Episode 501: Thriving in Leadership

Daniel and Ed discuss what thriving looks like and the importance of spiritual and emotional health.

Q&A Webinar with Daniel Yang on Pandemic Church Planting

Watch this Q&A Webinar with Daniel Yang on church planting during a pandemic.

Church Planting During a Pandemic

This is a crucial time for church planters.

Develop a COVID-19 Strategy

It is time for us to settle into that and create a short-term strategy for the next three months.

Episode 500: Leading Ourselves During Crisis [Full Version]

Daniel, Ed, and Todd discuss how to best lead ourselves during this moment in time.

One Step Before Looking Ahead

We have a tremendous opportunity to build an army, not just an audience, in the wake of COVID-19, but it will not be easy.

Preparing for the Financial Impact of COVID

What will church look like, and how do we need to adjust our financial structure for the future?

Episode 498: Assimilating Through Connection During Limitations

Daniel and Todd discuss how to assimilate new members to your church as you work to worship together through limited circumstances.

Adapting in a Rapidly Changing Time

You can’t look for a bandage. You need to find a way to use this time to make it better than it was before. 

Prayer During a Pandemic – Part Two

Praying in difficult times.

Episode 496: Redeploying Staff

Daniel and Todd discuss redeploying staff or high level leaders.

How to Help People Take Next Steps During COVID-19

Today, it’s hard to imagine planning for after COVID-19, but it’s important to consider church life and helping our people take their next steps.

Episode 495: Navigating COVID-19 as a Church Plant

Daniel and Ed discuss navigating COVID-19 as a church plant.

9 Considerations for Reopening Your Church

Some of the greatest moments in church history have been when the boldness of the gospel meets severe constraints. 

Episode 494: Redeploying Your Volunteers

Daniel and Todd discuss redeploying vulnerable population volunteers into different volunteer roles.

Prayer During a Pandemic – Part One

A global pandemic calls God’s church to prayer.

Episode 493: Hopes for Church Planting

In Episode 493 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss their hopes for the future of church planting. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: How the missional church movement is being influenced by COVID-19 Why waiting on the Lord is important during this time  Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches): “I think more churches are being planted […]

25 Post-COVID-19 Church Volunteer Opportunities

In wake of COVID-19, we have a tremendous opportunity to build an army of volunteers and leaders in our churches, not just an audience of spectators. 

Episode 492: Roles in Churches After Reopening

Daniel and Todd discuss what roles will be in churches when we reopen and how to prepare for those.

Multisite Churches After COVID-19

Many churches are making contingency plans around their multisite campuses and plans for after COVID-19. 

Episode 491: Preparing for the Financial Impact of COVID-19

Daniel and Ed discuss preparing for the financial impact of COVID-19 in the short-term and mid-term.

Episode 490: Your Ministry Strategy for COVID-19 – Part 2

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss how to develop a future strategy.

COVID-19 and the Future of Church Planting and Multisite

We don’t know what the church is going to look like when this is all said and done, but we do know that it will be different.

Episode 488: Your Ministry Strategy for COVID-19 – Part 1

Daniel and Todd discuss how to develop a future strategy.

The Most Urgent Things Your Church Should Be Doing Right Now

These things, and others, should be already on your mind and in your plans. If it is not, get them going now.

Preparing to Gather Again

While we continue in this new normal, we must look ahead and prepare for how things will be different when we are able to gather.

Staying Positive During Quarantine

During a season of extended quarantine, it’s hard not to grow irritable, anxious, discouraged, and weary.

Spiritual Conversations in a Time of Crisis

It is critical for us to be able to converse about the gospel while people are in a posture of humility.

Q&A Webinar with Gary Rohrmayer on Evangelism

Watch this Q&A Webinar with Gary Rohrmayer on sharing the gospel during times of crisis.

Episode 484: The Future of Multisite Churches

Daniel and Todd discuss what multisite churches will look like in the future.

What Do We Do Now That We Can’t Meet?

May this be a time where the uncertainty and discomfort of this season make us catalysts for creative and effective means to reach others.

Rent Relief and a Plan for the Future

If you need to seek relief on a lease payment or a mortgage payment, here are a few steps to take.

Episode 483: Taking the Next Step with COVID-19 (with Bob Logan)

In Episode 483 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Bob Logan discuss best practices to help people take the next step. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Why you need to make a personal contact to move people into ministries or groups How meeting online could affect taking next steps in the future  Shareable Quotes […]

Church Planting in COVID-19 Reality [Behind-The-Scenes]

Chris Highfill and Lee Stephenson discusses what the reality of being a church plant during COVID-19 looks like.

Tips for Church Planting Amidst the COVID-19 Reality

What the reality of being a church plant during COVID-19 looks like.

Episode 482: Leading Through Change

Daniel and  Todd discuss what the next months of church look like in light of the current COVID-19 situation.

How to be a Good Friend During the COVID Crisis

The focus of this article is how to be a good friend when someone you care about is experiencing a situational or emotional crisis.

Episode 481: Crisis Leadership for Church Plants

Daniel and Bob Logan, author of The Church Planting Journey, discuss crisis leadership for church plants in the midst of COVID-19.

Spiritual Disciplines in Uncertain Times

Spiritual disciplines matter all the time, but we need to be reminded of that in tumultuous times.

Episode 480: COVID-19 and the Future of Church Planting and Multisite (with Josh Gagnon)

Daniel and Josh Gagnon, lead pastor of Next Level Church, discuss what the future of multisite and church planting will look like post COVID-19.

Assessing COVID Anxiety

Knowing how to respond to our COVID-related anxieties requires accurately assessing the type of anxiety we are experiencing.

Make Your Worship Service Better

For the pastor and the church, I can’t overemphasize the importance of a great Sunday service.

Episode 380: How to Discern If You Are Called to Plant a Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to discern if you are called to plant a church and the wrongs reasons to church plant.

Episode 334: How to Address the Non-Essential Issues in Your Church

Here’s how to address some of the non-essential church issues that could possibly cause some division in your church.

Strategic Church Planting: Your Master Plan

A vision is unique to you and will capture your heart and life.

God Will Allow More Than You Can Bear: Dispelling the Myth [Video Training]

The promise that God won’t give you more than you can bear is a lie that is based on truth—as many lies are. But its origins are certainly true.

God Will Allow More Than You Can Bear: Dispelling the Myth

God has not promised that trials will not overwhelm us. The opposite appears to be true in Scripture.

From Preview to Launch

Previews are not abbreviated versions of your church service.

Episode 185: Training Your Core Team

How should you train your core team?

Episode 184: Nuts and Bolts of Core Team Training

Pastor Ronnie Parrott dives into the nuts and bolts of core team training.

Episode 183: Membership & Mission

How does membership and mission relate to a core team?

Episode 182: Filter, Prep, Pray

Ronnie Parrott continues his talk on recruiting a launch team.

Episode 181: Recruiting a Launch Team

How do you recruit a solid launch team?


Identify, recruit, and train your core team for your upcoming church plant or campus launch.

Remembering the Back Seat Passenger

While urban church planting enjoys riding “shotgun,” we must not forget about rural church planting.

Small Towns Are Unique [Part 2]

It’s often said that newspapers in small towns don’t report the news, they confirm the news.

Small Towns Are Unique [Part 1]

Significant differences exist between small towns and larger cities when it comes to being on mission.


Develop the core competencies for the campus pastor role with a research-based and practitioner-tested scope and sequence.

Episode 91: Money and Mission

Hear today from Pastor Aaron Graham on funding the mission.

Don’t Be the Bottleneck

Moving your church to it’s next season may not involve you letting go of some of the things you’re currently doing.

Building Your Launch Team

God does not use a lone individual to start a church.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit and The Church Planter

Learn about best practices in planting a church with a for-profit extension.

The Insufficiency of the Entrepreneurial Spirit with Marlan Mincks [Behind-The-Scenes]

Learn best practices on pastoring in the “third place,” having a for-profit arm, and how Converge assessment centers work.

Launching Large

Start small, and chances are your church will remain small.


Learn how to establish a gospel-focused foundation and root every step of your church in the mission of God’s Kingdom.